9 things ΜΕΝ women don’t find attractive

Shows a lot of skin
Although many women (and men) have the misconception that if you show more skin, you look sexier, this is simply not true. The more skin you show, the more desperate you become.

Constant cursing is unattractive. It may come as a surprise, but bad language is not considered a symbol of rebellion or leadership. Instead, it comes across as cutesy and shows a lack of complexity — all qualities that the love of your life likes about you.

Bad talk about your family
No one likes to talk about your mother as crazy, to say that she never understood anything, or to say that your brother is homeless. To attract your mate, talk softly about the people around you.

Hypersensitivity in the public
There is a big difference between a nice kiss in a park and a public place. A loving couple may kiss in public, but things happen behind the scenes.

Poor hygiene
Needless to say, bad breath, dry lips, unpolished teeth, dirty hair, long nails, body odor, dirty or wrinkled clothes, and a dirty beard are bad ideas if you want to keep your mate.

Flirt with someone in front of your date
Don’t expect your partner to respect you if you decide to get attention while you’re with someone. No one wants to be a divorced partner.

Fighting in public
You can’t hold your temper, and it’s not attractive to be angry in public for any reason. In general, temper tantrums are not what most people look for in a partner.

You only have friends of the opposite sex
It might give the wrong impression to your loved one.

Wear lots of accessories
For men and women, it can be more than just an attractive accessory. Don’t let crazy clothes, wild hair, and jewelry distract from your true beauty and personality.

feeling insecure
There is nothing more stressful or frustrating than being with a woman or man who needs your constant reassurance. But self-confidence will be a trait you will endear yourself to your future partner.

Get a lot of emotion
Crying, laughing too much, or any other emotion doesn’t look good on anyone. Constantly bringing up these feelings has the potential to alienate others, especially when these feelings are forcefully confronted.

Love of drama
If everything that happens to you feels like a chain, your dates and friends will learn to avoid you. These dramatic interactions are mentally and emotionally exhausting.

Waste of money
If you have the money to spend on skill games and expensive vacations, go for it. But if you’re just pretending to have money, you’re going to have a hard time finding a man or woman who wants to be with you.

If you’re selfish, you better change your ways now (unless you want to be single forever).

Lack of morals
Disrespect is not attractive. Write “please,” “thank you,” or “excuse me” when you don’t.

If you want to find the love of your life, avoid these 15 things – Don’t let bad habits stop you from being happy with someone.

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