All you need is a tea bag and you’ll never see mice or spiders in your house again!

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We make every effort to keep our homes clean, modern, and free of any pollution sources in order to protect both our health and the health of those who share our home with us. However, occasionally all it takes for something to enter are tiny gaps in the walls or holes in the floor—this applies to mice, spiders, insects, etc. Utilize these entry points to come see us. Here’s a method to get rid of it without harmful chemicals!
Mice are renowned for being able to construct their nests in places that are difficult to detect and, thus, to hunt. Mice have a very high reproductive rate, producing 5–10 liters of urine per year on average, with an average of 10 mice, in addition to the very negative impact their presence has on your health because they bring an infinite number of disease-causing germs and feces nearly everywhere. You might find that these rats outweigh you in each litter.
How do we find out they are here?
paw prints in dusty areas,
evidence of grease, urine, or dark stools on the walls, particularly in the kitchen; signs of rodents using plastic boxes, cables, or other objects; noises at night;
Strong, lingering odor that is unpleasant.
How can you eliminate it without using hazardous chemicals?
This method will assist you in getting rid of spiders, bugs, and mice from your house. All you need is one or more mint tea bags. Save the tea bags after it has steeped and put them in the kitchen, living room, or any other area where you think mice may be present.
The pungent mint smell, which is alluring to people but also effective in repelling insects and rodents, is what makes this strategy work.
You can also make a concentrated solution from mint leaves or any other part of this plant and sprinkle it around your house to ward off intruders and get rid of their nauseating odors.
Additional advice for getting rid of insects, spiders, and mice in your house:
Make sure to routinely inspect your home’s condition and fix or seal any gaps or openings that could let them in.
Food that is intended for human or animal use should not be left over, and leftovers should be stored in airtight glass containers that mice cannot gnaw on.
At key access points, such as door ledges, window sills, etc., place cotton balls that have been dampened with peppermint essential oil. They will deter mice, spiders, and insects with their potent aroma.
Use lavender, either in the form of bouquets or essential oil that you place near doors and windows, or tomato leaves that you replace once they have dried, to keep spiders out of your house.

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