What is the cause of tremor in the extremities and during sleep?

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For many years I have experienced limb tremors, i.e. hand tremors if I hold a pen or put a key in the door, especially when tired or hungry, usually waking up in the morning with tremors. and I cannot teach them while I speak; for it vibrates, and I feel it in my legs, and I want someone to massage me, so I sit down and put one foot on the other, and find that my raised leg vibrates with the same vibration; It’s just between me and me without being exposed to social phobia or similar events.

I also get quick tremors when I’m about to sleep, and the source is my legs, one side of my body, or my shoulders. It is like a person who has been touched by electricity, and the whole body trembles and trembles – if the expression is correct – this is what I feel, and it does not pass for a moment, it also happens one or more times. It comes on me for more than a day when I’m lying down or trying to sleep. I can’t feel it even when I’m fully asleep.My wife said that I shake and shake very quickly in my sleep, it can only happen once, so what is it? Is it defective?

Note: I have been taking Lestral for three months now for depression and social phobia, two at night and one in the morning.

Tremors in the arms, legs, or other parts of the body may have an organic cause, or a psychological cause, or the cause may be unknown (Parkinson’s disease), it affects relatively old people, you do not specify. Your age, but I think you are young, and organic causes include internal infections in some part of the brain or (paroxysmal brain disease) which can also cause these tremors. , the latter of which I have mentioned has other pathological consequences and symptoms, such as inability to walk with balance, and loss of balance when sitting or walking.

Among the psychological causes: emotional anxiety is one of the biggest causes of this tremor, and the reason that cannot be said to be psychological or organic is that some family members have such tremors due to genetic reasons. Benign tremors respond to some treatments, and among the commonly used medications are those called commercially (Inderal) and scientifically (Propranolol).

When it comes to what happens to you before and during sleep, the electrical sensation, we call something similar to sensory hallucinations, and it’s related to psychological stress, physical stress, and emotional anxiety. It occurs in some people at the beginning of sleep, in others at the end of sleep, so it is often associated with psychological anxiety, which, despite the discomfort, is a very good disorder.

Your dear wife tells you that you feel very quick tremors and vibrations while you sleep, and this is something that deserves attention and attention; Because there are rare cases of excessive activation of electrical current in the brain. Some may call it epileptic focus. It may cause tremors during sleep. EEG, if there is excessive electrical activity, it is painful. identification and treatment – Almighty God willing – in these cases is very easy.

You also need to have your thyroid tested and I believe you have. Because it’s a simple test, and doctors know that anyone who has any tremors in their limbs should be tested for hyperthyroidism. that.

What I mentioned about the drug (Lustral) – it is scientifically called (Sertraline) – it is an excellent drug for treating anxiety and stress.

I don’t think you have social phobia; Since you don’t have confrontational issues, it could be a result of general anxiety or the type of tremors that some family members experience and the cause is unknown.

I tell you: keep taking Lestral, it’s a good drug, but I have one caveat, the dose you’re taking may be relatively high, but it’s the right dose. I think you can continue with three pills. Three months a day, then the dose is reduced to two pills a day for six months, then one pill a day for six months, which may be a very reasonable arrangement.

In addition to Lustral, there is the medicine I told you about (Inderal). I don’t know if the doctor recommended you to take it or not, but in general it is a very good medicine for such tremors. The dosage for you would be twenty milligrams in the morning, twenty milligrams in the evening for three months, then twenty milligrams in the morning for two months, then ten milligrams in the morning for one month, then you can stop the Inderal. but we do not rule out taking it when necessary.

So – almighty willing – the matter is very simple and you should follow the instructions we told you and do the necessary tests until the clinical picture is completed and we all feel relieved.

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