I slept with an onion in my sock and this is what happened

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There are several old wives’ stories that sound illogical and too good to be true. They are illogical, but they nonetheless manage to function.

And this article will discuss a related topic since, believe me, many people cling to it.

I’ll now tell you the story of the onion and the sock. Are you wondering how it might possibly help you? then go to read this article!
Did you know that all of your internal organs may be reached directly through the bottoms of your feet? These entry points, which are referred to as meridians in Chinese medicine, are the routes to each organ in the body.

There has long been debate concerning the existence of meridians, but those familiar with Chinese medicine are aware of how intimately connected the meridian system is to the nerve system of our bodies.
At the bottom of our feet, according to experts, there are roughly 7,000 meridians that connect to various organs directly. Are you sure about that?

The meridians and the sites where they connect to the body’s organs and systems are clearly shown in the graphic below.
Since we typically cover our feet with footwear, these meridians, which function as strong electric circuits throughout the body, are frequently dormant. It is crucial to stimulate these meridians in order for our body to function properly.

It is always advised to walk barefoot whenever possible in order to stimulate the bottoms of our feet and to ground ourselves with the earth’s negative ion field.

Wearing socks with an onion slice inside (at the bottom of your feet) while you sleep is one of the coolest ways to stimulate these meridians.
How to Do It, in Brief:
Slice red or white onion into thin, flat slices. Make sure the onion is organic to avoid pesticide side effects like fungus infections.
As you normally would, put the onion slice in your socks (under your foot like a platform).
The healing qualities of the onions will be absorbed by the feet while you sleep, which will aid in energizing the meridians.
Onions are regarded as a natural treatment for a number of diseases and are renowned for their mystical healing abilities. They are also referred to as natural air purifiers, and when used topically, they have the tendency to eliminate bacteria and eradicate germs. The phosphoric acid in onions, which makes our eyes itch when we chop them, aids in cleansing the blood as it enters the blood vessels.

Giving this onion and sock therapy a shot has nothing to lose! It offers a variety of advantages. As follows:
blood cleansing.
eradication of bacteria and germs
Getting rid of chemicals and toxins from the feet as well as improving their odor (believe it or not, it works!)
reducing flu and cold symptoms that come with a fever.

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