The color and texture of earwax says everything about your health

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Our body gives us many signals when something is not right, but we often ignore them or are unaware of them.

Take, for example, ear wax. Like most bodily fluids, earwax is rarely talked about, and many of us certainly haven’t given it much thought, especially its color.

But as it turns out, paying attention to the color and texture of earwax can reveal important information about our health—and the rest of our bodies.

First, it is important to note that you should not insert cotton swabs, such as cotton wool or other foreign objects, into the ear canal. They should only be used on the outer parts of the ear. However, let’s look at the different colors and textures of earwax – and what it can mean when the wax suddenly changes shape.

Soft, sticky and yellow
The most common type of earwax is sticky and yellow. This type of earwax is useful for lubricating the ear canal and preventing dryness and itching.

white and dry
White, dry earwax is also common. This may be colored earwax from people who have reduced body odor. But it can also indicate that the body lacks vitamins, especially copper or iron.

brown or black
Old wax that has been in the ear for a long time usually has a darker color. But if you notice brown or black earwax, it can also be a sign of stress and a need to relax. Black earwax can also be a symptom of a fungal ear infection.

Gray earwax? It may sound strange, but it’s actually just a sign that the wax is doing its job and protecting the ear. Gray simply means that dirt has accumulated inside the ear.

If you notice that your earwax is red or bleeding, it could be a sign of damage to your ear canal. It could also be a sign that you have an ear infection. If you notice this, you should always see a doctor just to be safe.

It is normal for liquid earwax to leak from the ear canal in small amounts, as this means the ear is being cleaned. But if it’s in high amounts, it could indicate that you have an infection in your inner ear, or that you’re about to get some kind of ear infection. In this case, you might also want to see a doctor.

bad smell
Bad-smelling earwax could mean you have an ear infection and some form of ear blockage, among other things.

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