A Full Day in Chile – What Places Have Promotions and Where to Eat This Tuesday, May 24 – Promotions

full day

The festival is on Tuesday, May 24 in the various fast food chains in the country.

Find here the places that come with a full day.
© Mandate one.Find here the places that come with a full day.

Chile has several typical chilean food recipes, but one of the classic preparations and the one that is a sign of our country is complete, to the extent that “full day” which takes place this year Tuesday, May 24.

A cheap, easy and quick recipe that often gets families out of trouble, because the ingredients are not very complicated and depend on the type of preparation: Italian or full

Italian is the most popular and contains Vienna, avocado, tomato and mayo, on the contrary whole “completed” It has Vienna, tomatoes, sauerkraut, American sauce and mayonnaise or adheresos.

At the moment there are also vegan options with brands marketing herbal “wine”. Next we will tell you more details about this whole day.

Full day in Chile | Check here the places that will have promotions on May 24

The main places that sell this well-known preparation come with promotions that we tell you below.


The chain announced that it will celebrate two days in a row, since this one On Monday, May 23, they will have “The Day of the Complete Veggie” compared to vegetarians and vegans. While May 24 will be for the brains of Italians with 2×1 promotion.


The presentation will be on Tuesday, May 24 two full Italians for $1,500 in all country dogs all over the country. It is important to note that there are two promotions per person with a maximum of 200k units.

Swiss font

This well-known fountain will have as an introduction complete with 50% off valid for local consumption only.

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