The Nuevo Portil surf bar is reopening its doors after a pine tree fell on its terrace on Sunday

The Surfing in Nuevo Portil, in Cartaya, reopens its doors to the public on Thursday, in its standard daylight saving timeafter being closed since last Sunday due to the fall of a large pine tree on the porch of the said establishment which injured six persons, all of whom are now at home and out of danger.

This is what the management of the said hotel establishment has indicated in a statement published publicly on its social media, where it indicates that “after the voluntary closure of the establishment, in the hope that the injured were out of danger and that the relevant authorities have cleared and explore the area, The surf bar opens again on Thursday the 25th during its regular summer time.

There he also states that above all he appreciates “shows the care and support that everyone gives”, both through social media and in person to its owner; as well as “for so much participation in such difficult times”.

Even appreciates the help of customers who on Sunday, when the events took place, were eating at the establishmentas well as the actions “in the best possible way”, by the local police, the public guard, the association’s fire brigade, the toilets and the maintenance staff of the City Council of Cartaya who attended both the emergency and the subsequent ones. work to remove the remains of the pine tree on the porch.

It also has a word for the people who were injured and affected by the accident, who “They are out of danger and are recovering satisfactorily”and of which “we will proceed pending”.

The events took place after 22:30 last Sunday, when a large pine tree, about twelve meters high, collapsed on the terrace of the well-known Portileño restaurant specialized in American food and caused six injuries, including one seriously, who was trapped under the tree, but had to be freed by firefighters.

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